We welcome the most loyal, inquisitive, smart and decisive fans of The Twilight Saga and are going to entertain you with this new marvelous Twilight question quiz!

Who of us hasn’t been enthralled by the fascinating story of Bella and Edward? The story of true all-absorbing love that is able to conquer all hardships and survive after all the misfortunes that the main heroes had to experience. This Twilight quiz is surely about such love, but not love alone. It will help you plunge into the wonderful atmosphere that the producers, directors, and actors of this film series manages to create, and will give you a chance to recollect the magic moments that make this movie so attractive and awesome. Call to your memory all the scary mysteries of the Cullen family; all horrible and still gorgeous and handsome vampires of other families; all giant werewolves who turn out to be pretty nice guys; and other intriguing and informative details about this extremely popular film that has won the hearts of millions of girls and boys all over the world! It will definitely increase your chances of giving more correct answers in our Twilight trivia game and will get you closer to the top of our ratings!

To complete the Twilight quiz and to earn the maximum number of WisePoints our players will have to make every possible effort and to be ready to give the names of some minor characters, to recollect the smallest details of the heroes’ appearance, characters and relations, and to show that they have studied the Twilight world so thoroughly that no task can frighten them! Learn other unexpected facts and immerse yourself into the marvelous universe of Twilight Saga! To test your knowledge of other fantastic movies try our Back to the Future trivia game, Star Wars quiz, or other totally engrossing quizzes of our website!

Get ready for a breathtaking fun quiz, prove you’re a true fan of Twilight Saga and receive special gifts for each of your friends invited to the game!

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