We are happy to welcome the most loyal fans of Harry Potter film series and invite you to take part in this amazing Harry Potter movies question quiz!

Joanne Rowling created a marvelous book series that made millions of children and adults believe in a fairy tale and wait for their personal invitation to Hogwarts. But the film that was released after a while produced even greater effect, making the characters and locations real and letting us believe that the magic world of wizardry is unbelievably close to our own world of ordinary people. In this Harry Potter movies quiz we offer you numerous questions devoted to Harry Potter films series – its creators and actors, the details of production, differences between the books and the movies, and many other aspects that will surely kindle your interest and will keep it throughout the whole quiz! If you believe you know every single fact ever mentioned in Harry Potter movies and can easily name any minor character or call to your memory every important phrase ever pronounced by some of the heroes – this intriguing Harry Potter movies trivia game is destined to help you have a good time!

We strongly believe that there are no unanswerable questions for those who admire Harry and his friends, that’s why we have collected the most challenging tasks that will definitely keep you on your toes. In Harry Potter film series there are 8 movies, 3 main characters, dozens of enemies who are ready to kill and allies who are always ready to help and protect, so it’s really hard to remember everything about everyone. Who is Luna Lovegood? Why is Sirius Black considered a traitor by his own family? Who wrote the wonderful soundtrack for the movie series and who performed it? Hundreds of questions can be asked, and we are sure that you can answer the majority of them! In case you want to continue playing, try our catching Harry Potter quiz or fantastic Lord of the Rings trivia quiz and be prepared for a tough game!

Start our fascinating free Harry Potter movies quiz and invite other Potterheads to join you! Don’t be afraid to tickle a sleeping dragon!

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