Gotham City is ready to open its doors and to reveal its utmost secrets to our players. We invite you to our mysterious Batman trivia quiz online!

The image of this powerful and brave superhero wearing the Bat-Suit attracts the attention of a great number of people of all ages and nationalities all over the world. What are the reasons for this immense popularity? Batman has no superpowers; rather, he has developed useful detective skills and martial arts abilities; all this makes him the most realistic and human of all superheroes. This popularity inspires directors and scriptwriters to create new stories and shoot films about the legendary Dark Knight of Gotham City. Take our tricky Batman question quiz to learn more about the highest-grossing films! Do you remember when the first full-length film featuring the DC Comics character was released? Who played the title role in “Batman Returns” (1992)? What film about Batman stars George Clooney in the title role? Who directed “The Dark Knight Trilogy”? Moreover, you have a good chance to learn a lot of fun facts concerning the major differences between the comics and the movie characters. It’s going to be a very captivating quiz, isn’t it? So, why delay? Take our Batman question quiz and visit most sinister areas of Gotham City to help the Dark Knight administer justice!

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