We are glad to surprise, scare, and quicken the imagination of our dear guests with a new astonishing Fantastic movies trivia quiz!

If you know all the heroes of Star Wars, can enumerate all the parts of Harry Potter in order of appearance, and name all the cast members of The Lord of the Rings – this challenge is sure to attract your attention and hold it throughout the whole quiz! Fantastic films constitute a separate genre in cinematography and are cherished by millions of admirers all over the world. They are shot and released in vast numbers and are often watched in cinemas due to the amazing visual effects that are an integral part of this specific movie style. Often based on books, such films help us to look at familiar stories and fairy tales with a fresh eye and therefore to enjoy the film version not less than the bookish one! Now we offer you to enter this magical world and display the knowledge of the most famous fantasy films and film series, as well as to fill in some knowledge gaps with the most absorbing and riveting facts taken from or connected with these undoubtedly enthralling movies!

Our Fantastic movies questions quiz offers you a whole bunch of thought-provoking questions about various fantasy films that we have chosen from an impressive array of movies of this genre. You are going to guess the names and locations, recollect the successions to the thrones of different magical countries, puzzle out the intricate problems of relationship between the main characters, and solve many other riddles of this kind. Keep going and don’t give up even if the questions seem too tough – the award is worth the effort!

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