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No Spy Movies. No single cop. No comedy. Detective films are focused on unsolved crime, usually murder, and the main character here is an extremely smart, hard-boiled detective her, who meets many challenges and troubles before finding the solution to the crime. The plot is always surprising and intricate, and centers around the extraordinary thinking of the main character. Are you ready to investigate the puzzles of our Detective Movies quiz questions? We have a sample to test your knowledge. Who is the first private movie detective and one of the most famous heroes widely known all over the globe due to his great violin playing, bad habits, his sophisticated mind, and certainly, the renowned deductive reasoning method and “elementary deductions”? This character made one of London’s streets more popular than the Buckingham Palace! If you recognized Sherlock Holmes in this description, our Detective Movies quiz is the perfect for you!

Think you are a detective films addict and know all about them? But what do you know about antagonists, side characters and key details? See if you’re a detective stories expert by answering Detective Movies quiz questions! Use the deductive reasoning method to find the right answers!

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