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The whole world is looking forward to the forthcoming Academy Awards ceremony. We’ve learnt the names of the nominated actors, actresses and directors; we’ve watched the films that may win the Academy Award for Best Picture; have discussed it all with our friends. Now it’s high time for us to entertain our test-takers with some amusing facts about Oscars, and we are happy to share this absorbing article with you and to invite you to participate in our enthralling Oscars trivia quiz.

Each of us certainly longs to take a look at the marvelous gowns of the celebrities walking the Academy Awards' red carpet, and burns with impatience to learn the name of the winners. To help you pass the time till the ceremony begins and to broaden your knowledge of Oscars History we have prepared some impressive information (make sure you read it carefully - it will come in handy when you will be answering quiz questions of our Academy Awards trivia quiz!):

  • The youngest Oscar winner is Tatum O’Neil, who received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress at the age of ten.
  • Liza Minnelli is a unique person even in the list of Oscar winners. It was her family that made her so special – Liza’s mother and father each received an Academy Award of their own.
  • The Academy prepares nameplates for every potential winner beforehand. In 2014 there were 215 of them!
  • The first Academy Awards ceremony was held in 1929, and the first televised one was broadcast in 1953.
  • There have been only four women nominated for the Best Director Academy Award so far, and only one of them won the prize – Kathryn Bigelow for her independent film about the Iraq War called “The Hurt Locker”.
  • Meryl Streep holds the record for most Oscar nominations, having received 19 of them so far.
  • Katharine Hepburn has won four Academy Awards, all of them for Best Actress. This is the record number of Oscars received by one person for acting.

There are of course many more intriguing or even provocative facts about the nominees and winners of the greatest award in the sphere of cinematography, and we are quite sure you would like to test your knowledge now and to find out the details that you will excitedly share with your friends.

And now, it's time to pass on to the Oscars trivia quiz and test yourself!

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