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The Golden Globe Awards ceremony is the second most important movie ceremony in the USA and probably in the whole world with millions of viewers, thousands of participants and hundreds of famous actors whose brilliant outlooks make the show so brilliant. The ceremony is considered so important due to one more reason – lots of movies that won the Golden Globe for the Best Motion Picture eventually received Academy Awards in the same nomination two months later. We offer you to recollect the brightest moments of the latest and past Golden Globes shows and try to cope with the tough Golden Globe Awards questions we’ve compiled for you! What movie won Golden Globes in every category that it was nominated in 2017? Who was the youngest Golden Globes winner ever? What is the first live-action superhero movie to be nominated in a best motion picture category? Who holds the record of most Golden Globes (including honorary awards)? How old was Jessica Tandy when she won a Golden Globe? Are you sure you’re movie smart and the Golden Globe Awards trivia quiz is as easy as a pie for you? Then start it right away!

We’re sure there are some friends of yours who’d like to participate in the Golden Globe Awards trivia game, too. Share the challenge with them now! How many categories did the first Golden Globe Awards ceremony have? How much does a Golden Globe statuette cost? Why was a Golden Globe ceremony canceled in 2008? Why did Marlon Brando refuse to accept his Golden Globe for Best Actor in 1973? What Golden Globe tradition appeared in 1962? You’re just a step away from one of the best trivia games ever! Take other compelling quizzes by Zadavaka like Oscars trivia quiz or Actors questions quiz!

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