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A movie award is an acknowledgement that a film, an actor or a sound track was appreciated by the public. But at the same time one can get an award for the worst acting. See what awards people are eager to get and what they try to avoid with quiz questions on Movie Awards.
All awards can be classified into critics’, festival and industry ones. It goes without saying that the most well-known one is the Academy Awards, which is better known as Oscars. It was established by Louis Bart Maye to unite the opposing sides in cinematography. On the 4th of January he invited several decision makers to tell them about his idea. The guests felt the necessity of such an innovation and agreed to support his idea. The aim of the organization was to stimulate the growing production of films, integrate new technologies into this process, and to settle disputes that occur in cinematography. In 1927 the regulations of the academy were officially registered and in 1928 they introduced the nominations. The first ceremony was held in 1929 and since that time people have been waiting for TV version of this award. Each time we root for our favorite films and actors, and try to guess who will be announced a winner in this or that nomination. In contrast to the Oscars there is an award that is given for the worst in filming - The Golden Raspberry Award. It’s better to get none than this one most actors, directors and producers think. It’s not surprising that most winners don’t attend the ceremony. Although the awards described above are antonymic to each other in their purpose, there were two people who were lucky to get both of them at the same time - Brian Helgeland and Sandra Bullock. Learn more about extraordinary occurrences in the history of movie awards and of course about the ceremonies themselves inMovie Awards quiz questions!

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