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Are you ready to get some information about the greatest achievements and epic failures of famous people in free quiz questions on Movie Stars? We are sure you are! To boost your interest we would like to offer you some interesting facts from the biography of well-known actors. The first place belongs to Marilyn Monroe. A year after signing a contract with Marilyn Monroe the 20th Century-Fox Company cancelled it. They considered her unattractive and her acting bad. Nowadays she is known as the most popular blond actress and sex symbol of the world. Then, there is Fred Astaire. A dancing and a singing star of cinematography, was criticized much at his first screen test. They said he couldn’t dance, sing or act and was bold. Guess who was nominated “The Italian of the Year” twice? It was James Edmund Caan who played Sonny in ‘The Godfather’. James has nothing to do with Italy and comes from a Jewish family! You are sure to find similarly amazing trivia about movie stars in our Movie Stars questions quiz!

Another interesting fact is connected with Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger who wasn’t allowed to voice his character in ‘The Terminator’ in German as they thought his voice didn’t correspond to the severity of the main character. Do you know what the connection between Leonardo DiCaprio and Leonardo da Vinci is? Free quiz questions on Actors have answers to all the things you are interested in. Leonardo DiCaprio’s parents decided to name their son for Leonardo da Vinci as his mother’s birth pangs started when she and her husband were looking at the pictures of the famous artist in Italy.

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