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No one would refuse to see a nice movie! It is a wonderful trip to a place, a time, a feeling one can take on a very moderate budget. But when it is cold outside, not every one of us will find the courage – or overcome laziness – to go out into the cold streets and march all the way to the nearest cinema even for the sake of the magical popcorn smell, the red velvet of the seats, and the excitement that fills you when the lights are turned off!

We have a better idea – why don’t you pop some popcorn of your own, snuggle into a warm blanket in your pjs and watch a film at home? If you cannot choose what you’d like to watch, play our Movie quiz first – it may give you some ideas. Or read the fun Movie facts Zadavaka has collected for your entertainment!

  • More than 90% of US movies shot before the 1930s have been lost with no copies.
  • Popcorn in US cinemas costs more than filet mignon (per ounce).
  • Famous director James Cameron decided to enter the moviemaking industry after watching George Lucas’ “Star Wars.” When Cameron was writing “The Terminator” movie, he was homeless; he sold the rights for $1with the condition that he would be the director. Another interesting fact: Cameron did not raise the funds for the production of “Titanic” for the sake of the movie itself; he wanted to dive to the wreck site.
  • Inventor Thomas Edison accumulated 2,332 patents for his inventions; 1,093 of them were in the US. In an attempt to escape from these patents, the moviemaking industry moved from New York to LA.
  • Nowadays, men are given 74.4% of Hollywood lead roles. Interestingly enough, in the 1920s and 1930s most of the scriptwriters were women.
  • The winners of Academy Awards thank Steven Spielberg more often than God. And Spielberg, in his turn, declined the offer to direct “Harry Potter” because he did not find it challenging enough.
  • Sean Bean is famous for playing characters that inevitably die. His characters died on 32% of the movies he played in, which is the highest death rate among the characters portrayed by notable actors.
  • Finally, the oldest film director until 2015 was 106 years old. Manoel de Oliveira started making movies as early as in 1927, during the silent era, and remained active till the very end. Less than five months before he passed away, Oliveira had an interview, in which he revealed some of the plans he had for future films.

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