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The Founder is a new movie about one of the oldest and probably the most recognizable and influential fast-food empires - McDonald's. The film creators have tried to restore the course of events that took place half a century ago and to explain the detailed and thorny way of the McDonald brothers and Ray Kroc – a successful and talented American businessman who helped the brothers develop their small firm and turn it into one of the biggest franchises in the world. Do you dare to dig deeper into the company history and check what you know about McDonald's? Then try our Founder trivia quiz and prove you’re a history buff! In The Founder, what are the names of the MacDonald brothers? What list was Ray Kroc included into? What did Ray Kroc dislike about restaurant owners? In The Founder, what idea is proposed by Ray Kroc? What is the symbol of McDonald's? Remember that the more correct answers you give the more WisePoints you’ll earn and the bigger your chances to win the competition are!

Would you like to have more fun and play with your friends? Then invite them to try this Founder trivia quiz, too! In The Founder, how does Ray get an agreement for funds from the bank? In The Founder, why does Ray sever all connections with the wealthy franchise owners? In The Founder, what method is proposed by Joan to dramatically cut costs? In The Founder, what does Harry Sonneborn offer to Ray? Are you sure you can give more right answers than your competitor? Then waste no time and start the game now! Try other Lumière Legacy quizzes like Sully trivia quiz or Tarzan questions quiz!

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