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A slave rebellion organized and headed by Nat Turner was the focus of the new movie The Birth of a Nation that was co-written, co-produced, and directed by Nate Parker. The film tells a controversial and complicated story of a literate young slave who had numerous religious “visions” that pushed him to a brave and desperate attempt of a slave uprising. Both the story itself and the sensational story of the movie release are sure to attract the viewers’ attention. Start Birth of a Nation trivia quiz to check if you’re a true history expert! In The Birth of a Nation, who plays Samuel Turner? What happened to Nat Turner after his rebellion was put down? At what film festival did The Birth of a Nation premiere? How many slaves who took part in Nat Turner's rebellion were accused and executed? What American film distribution company bought worldwide rights to The Birth of a Nation? More correct answers will let you become one of most successful and talented Zadavaka’s players!

We’re sure you’d like to compete with your friends and check who of you knows the history of the United States better. Answer these tricky Birth of a Nation quiz questions and find it out! In The Birth of a Nation, what job did Nat Turner get? Who was the first financier to invest in The Birth of a Nation? What or who made Nat Turner return to his master after his escape? What nickname did Nat Turner get from his fellow slaves? What "final signal" did Nat Turner get to start his rebellion? Be brave and start the quiz right now! Don’t forget to try other intriguing quizzes like Snowden quiz or Sully trivia quiz!

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