Try this Snowden quiz – a true challenge for the fans of secrecy, conspiracy, and spy stories!

A new movie devoted to one of the most controversial figures of the modern American history is to be released soon, and we offer our curious players to participate in an absorbing Snowden questions quiz! The events the film describes captured the world’s attention and shocked the American nation, making us realize how fragile our security is. Who is this person unafraid to leak secret CIA information? Why did he jeopardize his job, his life, and his future? Take our compelling Snowden quiz to get all the answers! What list did Edward Snowden top at TechRepublic in 1913? Where was Edward Snowden born? What country granted Edward Snowden one-year asylum? How did Edward Snowden get his job at the Central Intelligence Agency? Give more right answers to get closer to the top of our ratings!

There is a variety of questions about the film we’d like to ask you, too! Check if you can be called a genuine movie expert! Who is the director of "Snowden"? Who plays Lindsay Mills in "Snowden"? Where did the filming of "Snowden" begin? What famous actor played a small role in "Snowden" as a favor to its director? Don’t hesitate to test your knowledge right now! Try other Zadavaka’s gripping quizzes devoted to freshly released movies like Sully trivia quiz or Ben-Hur questions quiz!

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