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2017 is the year when another King Kong movie is released – Kong: Skull Island. The popular franchise still holds its ground despite the fact the original film was released in 1933! Kong’s appearance and role in the movie series has been changed several times since then ranging from a crazy monster to a lonely and pitiful antihero. What will his next embodiment be? Zadavaka’s prepared for you a themed King Kong quiz and is sure you can answer all the tricky King Kong questions! Who once said "I am King Kong!"? What island does King Kong live on? Where is King Kong taken to for the first time? What building does Kong climb in the original movie? Who played Ann Darrow, a struggling vaudeville actress, in King Kong (2005)? Invoke all your mental strength and give as many correct answers as you can!

King Kong is a classic movie franchise known to almost every person in the world, so why not challenge yourself with a couple of tough King Kong quiz questions? Where did Kong: Skull Island premiere? In Kong: Skull Island, who plays the leader of the Sky Devils helicopter squadron? What is the next movie about King Kong that is to be released in 2020? What was the second movie about King Kong? What is the budget of Kong: Skull Island? Assay your strength and show your stuff! Try other challenging Lumiere Legacy quizzes like Tarzan quiz or Ben-Hur trivia quiz!

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