It’s time to get scared with our spooky Halloween movie quiz!

Halloween movie is a 1978 independent film that eventually became of the most commercially successful horror movies of all times. Although the shooting of the movie took less than a month, all the actors wore their own clothes, and the budget of the film was not big it still became a true breakthrough in horror movies history. The terrifying story of a 6-year-old boy who stabbed his sister to death with a kitchen knife stirred the imagination of the audience and made us feel truly scared and shocked. We’ve prepared this Halloween movie quiz to help you recollect the events of the chilling night told to us by John Carpenter! What is the name of the main hero? How many people played Michael Myers? Where is the Myers house from "Halloween" situated now? What is Michael Myers officially credited as? More correct answers given by you in this quiz can make you the leader of our weekly competition!

Would you like to play together with your friends who are just as huge fans of horror movies as you are? Then invite them to try the Halloween movie quiz, too! Why did all the actors from "Halloween" wear their own clothes? What mask is used in "Halloween"? What word is said 11 times by P.J. Soles in "Halloween"? Who is depicted on Laurie's poster? What was Judith doing before Michael killed her? Check who of you will give more correct answers and deserve the title of the best weekly player! Take other intriguing quizzes of Zadavaka like Back to the Future quiz or Star Wars trivia quiz!

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