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Written by Lew Wallace, Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ was first published in 1880 and has been considered the most influential Christian book of the 19th century ever since. It remained the best-selling American novel till 1936, when it was surpassed by Margaret Mitchell’s legendary novel (by the way, we have a Gone with the Wind quiz, too!). The 1959 movie adaptation of the novel has attracted tens of millions of viewers and won an impressive number of Academy Awards – 11 Oscars, including the Best Picture award. The novel was approved and blessed by Pope Leo XIII, and the 1959 film version became the first Hollywood movie to be added into the Vatican-approved list in the category of religion. Since August 2016 is going to bring yet another film adaptation of the novel into the movies, we offer you to take our new Ben-Hur quiz and see if you will be able to carry out a detailed comparison of all Ben-Hur interpretations!

The plot of the novel and its film versions follows the adventures of Judah Ben-Hur, a Jewish prince from Jerusalem, who was enslaved by the Romans, but was set free and managed to become a successful charioteer and a follower of Christ, whose story is narrated alongside with Judah’s. This is a story of betrayal, conviction and redemptions, of love and compassion. Test if you remember the details of the novel and the culturally, historically and aesthetically significant 1959 film well enough to earn 200+WisePoints in this Ben-Hur quiz!

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