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Every year movie industry is ready to entertain us with breathtaking and engaging film premieres able to satisfy the tastes of almost any cinemagoer of any age, occupation, and views. Comedies and horror films, adventures and melodramas, spy films and historical dramas – movie companies know how to arrest our attention and make us rush to the cinema to revel in another blockbuster or an art film. We offer you to join the movie fans and to check if you’re a true movie expert with our stunning Lumiere Legacy question quizzes! Ben Hur and Imperium, The Wild Life and Sally, Bridget Jones’s Baby and The Magnificent Seven – this is just a short list of multiple grasping movies we’re to see very soon! Let’s check together if you know much about some or all of these most awaited films with our Lumiere Legacy quizzes!

Who stars in Imperium? What is the movie Sally about? What genre is the movie Masterminds that is to be released in September 2016? Check if you’re a savvy film viewer aware of all movie news answering out tough Lumiere Legacy questions! In case you have friends who are just as fond of movies as you’re invite them to join our game and be ready to compete for the title of the true movie guru! Take other gripping Zadavaka’s quizzes like Detective quiz or Actors question quiz!

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