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Each day reading is gaining popularity. With the development of modern technology we have an opportunity not to waste enormous sums of money on books and use electronic devices for these purposes. But let’s agree: sometimes to understand the writer’s intention it is not enough to read his or her masterpiece. And there are several reasons for it: complicated style of the book, unclear problems it states, unfamiliar topics it deals with, etc. To make the books you have read closer to you we recommend you to answer these easy Authors quiz questions.

Authors trivia quiz can help you understand the problems touched upon in the works of this or that writer, what life events influenced their creative work, and why some of their books are optimistic and others show us the world that is far from being perfect. Here you will learn unknown facts about famous writers: Charles Dickens, for instance, had an unusual hobby - the best entertainment for him was visiting the morgue in Paris where he was examining unidentified bodies of the dead. Moreover, the writer was a man of prejudices: he slept and wrote with his head to the north. As for Oscar Wilde, he laughed at Charles Dickens’ works and together with his contemporaries made hints that Dickens would never get on the list of the best British writers. To err is human!

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