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The world of poetry is a spiritual world that opens its doors for us to perceive the beauty. It fascinates the imagination; every poem is a part of the writer’s soul. Every time we read poetry, we find ourselves in another world - the world of the times gone or the world full of love, sometimes sufferings or worries. We feel the atmosphere and wonder how the poets managed to transfer their emotional state to simple letters. Poetry quiz questions give an enormous amount of useful information, including some general information about this genre and secrets of making a choice while writing poems. In poetry the author says much in little; every word is of great importance. Besides, it’s the best way to express your feelings.
You’ve chosen quiz questions on Poetry, but did you know the Day of Poetry is celebrated on the 21st of March? It was introduced by UNESCO in 1999. Get ready for this day with Poetry romantic quiz questions! If you want to surprise your beloved, you might like to write a poem for him or her. Francesco Petrarca, for instance, became famous due to the sonnets he devoted to his sweetheart Laura. He saw her only once, but he was writing in her honor for 21 years, even when she got married and gave birth to 11 children! The life of poets is not a bed of roses and the fact that the Chinese emperor Qianlong introduces a law according to which poets were not allowed to write sad poems proves it quite well. Those who were brave enough to do it, were sentenced to death. But if your poems become popular, you will have a chance to earn money as Alexander Pushkin once did. “Eugene Onegin” brought him 135 thousand dollars!

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