Follow the White Rabbit down the rabbit-hole to our fabulous, dreamlike, free and fun Alice in Wonderland trivia quiz!

You should not be surprised at anything in Wonderland; absolutely anything may happen to you here! Answering our fantastic Alice in Wonderland quiz questions you will once again meet the Mad Hatter and try to answer his famous riddle “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” You will choose between the bottle labeled “DRINK ME” and the cake with “EAT ME” written on it; do you remember which one will make Alice taller? You will be invited for a cup of tea at the mad tea party and find out how it happened that the Hatter “murdered the time”. And, finally, you will play croquet with the Queen of Hearts! Our unpredictable Alice in Wonderland question quiz is one of the most absorbing quizzes ever! You will expand you knowledge of the novel that is extremely popular with both children and adults! Take our Alice in Wonderland free quiz to reveal the secrets and the symbolism of the novel – why is the Hatter mad? Why is the Cheshire cat always grinning? What character of the novel represents Lewis Carroll, the author? Too many questions…we desperately need your answers!

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