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Charles Dickens is an outstanding British writer famous for his brilliant literature works that reflect the state of Victorian society. He’s always highly satirical and openly mocks the cruelty of aristocracy and the stupidity of the authorities, and A Tale of Two Cities is not an exception. The writer has created a masterpiece that displays all the vices of the people in power and is rightfully considered one of the greatest pieces of British and the world literature. We offer you to participate in our entertaining Tale of Two Cities trivia quiz and test your profound knowledge of classic fiction. What two cities are described in the novel? Who is doctor Manette? What is the name of the main character? What happens to Charles Darnay when he's accused of treason against the English crown? Who is Jarvis Lorry? If you’ve ever thought about challenging yourself with a truly good literary quiz this is your big chance! Start playing now to earn more points!

We bet there is a couple of friends of yours who’d like to demonstrate their bookish knowledge, too. A Tale of Two Cities questions quiz is a wonderful opportunity for them to try it right now! What is the genre of A Tale of Two Cities? What is the name of Lucie and Charles's daughter? Who is called "the jackal"? Who is called "a taxing functionary and postmaster"? How old is Charles Darnay at the trial at the beginning of Book the Second? We believe your answers will be absolutely correct and you’ll join the company of our best players! Entertain yourself with other intriguing quizzes prepared for you by Zadavaka like Alice in Wonderland quiz or Gone with the Wind trivia quiz!

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