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Novel is a genre of literature that, as a rule, tells a life story of a separate character, who is usually the main one. Most works of this genre describe some crisis, non-typical periods of the main character’s fate, his/her attitude to the world he/she lives in, the development of his/her personality, etc. Each of you has come across the novel at least once in life, but still we know very little about it. To learn more, take an informative quiz on Novels and make sure, you will never mix it with any other genre.
It’s hardly possible to give a full and complete definition of this phenomenon, as it is a mixture of different elements, such as features of drama, publicistic style, mass culture and cinema. Moreover, if you are planning on reading a novel, you should know that there are different types of it: social, psychological, a novel of ideas, an adventure novel. It is an interesting fact that in the 12th-13th centuries the word novel stood for a written text and only in the second part of the 17th century it got the meaning we are used to nowadays. According to historical data, the longest novel - “The Men of Good Will” by Louis Henri Jean Farigoule - was published in 1932-1946. It was 27 volumes long (1,959 pages, approximately 2,070,000 words). How much time does one need to read this work of art? Starts solving this riddle with free Novels quiz questions online. Here you will learn not only about this genre, but also a lot of interesting facts about the books you are familiar with. For instance, if the dates of the operations in “Gone with the Wind” are correct, Melanie Hamilton's pregnancy lasted for 21 months!

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