Welcome to our legendary Lord of the Rings trivia quiz prepared for those who aren’t afraid of entering the magic world of Middle-earth!

There is hardly a person in a civilized society for whom this great book may be totally unknown, because it’s not just a fantasy novel – it’s a whole universe with its own kingdoms and countries, unbelievable creatures and powerful wizards, soldiers of light and villainous antagonists. We believe that it’s impossible to embrace all the issues and speak about all the details of the book, but we’ve done our best to choose the most absorbing facts for this Lord of the Rings quiz to attract the most sophisticated readers and to help you have a great time with us! You get a wonderful chance to meet brave Frodo and Aragorn, wise Gandalf and fearless Gimli, and dozens of other unique characters created by J.R.R.Tolkien, and to recollect their exciting exploits. Start your own adventure and set out in search of your One Ring with this challenging Lord of the Rings quiz!

Tolkien was evidently a genius writer who managed to invent hundreds of characters with specific names and appearances. But he decided not to rest on his oars and invent several complicated languages for some of the races that he told about in his story. The mere fact that the author has fulfilled this unbelievably hard work can’t but make his readers respect and worship him and his books. In our Lord of the Rings question quiz we’ve tried to pay high tribute to the book series and its author and to create the most intriguing questions concerning the main characters and their relationship, various locations and realms mentioned in the novel, and dozens of other compelling facts that may interest our players. For those who take special interest in high fantasy and fairy tales we’ve made up other absorbing quizzes like this Fairy Tales trivia game or this mysterious Chronicles of Narnia question quiz.

Dare to try these magnificent Lord of the Rings questions and answer as many of them as you can to beat other test-takers and become our new player of the week!

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