Explore the mystic and beautiful Middle-Earth in The Hobbit quiz!

J. R. R. Tolkien has managed not only to write an outstanding literary masterpiece but to create a whole new world inhabited by unbelievable and at times rather scary races including hobbits, dwarves, elves, wizards, goblins, and lots of others. When we read the book we’re totally absorbed not only by the story but by the atmosphere the author has put into it, too – strong and brave dwarves, graceful and mighty elves, wise and powerful wizards, and quiet homekeeping hobbits. We’ve prepared a new The Hobbit questions quiz for those who’d like to travel to the far lands and undertake desperate adventures! What is the name of the dragon guarding the treasure? How many armies take part in the crucial battle? How many dwarves travel with Bilbo? Who is the leader of the dwarves? What British literary award was The Hobbit nominated for? Dare to take The Hobbit trivia quiz, and feel like a part of the enchanted world!

Invite your friends to play together and win more exclusive bonuses for every friend of yours who decides to join us! What novel began as a sequel to The Hobbit? In The Hobbit, who is Gollum? How many parts are there in the movie series based on The Hobbit and produced by Peter Jackson? What country released the first live-action film based on The Hobbit? In The Hobbit, who kills the spider? Give more right answers to get closer to the title of the best player, and enjoy other entertaining games we’ve prepared like Chronicles of Narnia quiz or Lord of the Rings questions quiz!

Play our engaging free online trivia quizzes, earn multiple WisePoints, invite more friends, and enjoy the joyful atmosphere of the game!

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