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Zadavaka had a little free time and stumbled upon a book about a boy with a lighting scar on his forehead! He found the book gripping, absorbing, fascinating (do you notice his English is getting better?), but read only half of it. Then he found out there are six more Harry Potter books, but being a slow reader, Zadavaka can’t hope finish J.K.Rowling’s amazing series in anything less than a decade! Can you help the friendly monster enjoy the story of true friendship, mysteries, ordeals and magic? Help Zadavaka answer the questions of our Harry Potter quiz, let him meet Ron and Hermione, Dumbledore and Hagrid, fight off Voldemort, root for Gryffindor at a Quidditch match, visit Diagon Alley, see Hogsmeade at Christmas or maybe even wonder what House he could be sorted into by the Sorting Hat! Are you ready? Then welcome to our fantastic, mysterious, magic and implausible Harry Potter questions quiz!

A young novelist that no one had ever heard of before created a real masterpiece that is capable of holding readers’ attention for many hours – this was unexpected, surprising and praiseworthy! J. K. Rowling is destined to put herself on record for this great contribution to fantasy literature. She has made up an amazing universe of wizards and witches, house-elves and centaurs, giants and basilisks, each of them with their own story, character, unusual appearance and intriguing name. This is not just a series of books about a small boy who suddenly finds out he is a wizard strong enough to defeat and destroy most intimidatingly dark Lord Voldemort. This is a didactic story of friendship, good and evil, mutual help and betrayal, and of pursuit of forgiveness and repentance. Take this Harry Potter quiz and check how many useful lessons given in the novel you have learnt!

In our Harry Potter trivia game you will have to recollect multiple details of both the books and the movies. The names and nicknames of some characters, important phrases and actions, the causes of some events and the consequences they lead to – there is no irrelevant information for the true admirers of this magnificent story!

Try our new free Harry Potter trivia quiz, score well-deserved WisePoints, play other Literature quizzes or Harry Potter Movie quiz, and never let that spirit of magic abandon you!

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