Our greetings to the high fantasy fans! It’s a pleasure for us to offer you a new Chronicles of Narnia trivia quiz!

Any fantasy novel is a rather peculiar piece of literature that is created in order not only to entertain the readers, but also to make a new fantastic world full of magic fairies, strong warriors and kings, beautiful princesses, and talking animals. All these wonderful creatures live their own life in an awesome book by C.S. Lewis, written in the 1950s, but still urgent and extremely popular among children of all ages. Our Chronicles of Narnia question quiz is going to demonstrate how sophisticated and elaborate the world of Narnia is, how friendship, love, compassion, and mutual understanding can defeat evil forces, and how a small girl can win the heart of a big strong fearless lion. This novel was created for children, but it brings up the problems that can touch every adult, that’s the reason why the Chronicles of Narnia has been included into the list of classic literature. Play our exquisite Chronicles of Narnia trivia game to learn more about this adorable book and its charming young heroes!

The realm of Narnia is enormous and amazing, but as many other locations it is torn by fights between good and evil. Are you courageous enough to assay your strength and cope with our tough questions that touch upon various issues discussed in the books? Can you guess what works of literature served as the basis for the Chronicles of Narnia? What is the title of the last book published in 1956? Who are Jill Pole and Eustace Scrubb and what role do they play in the story of Narnia? We are looking for the hero who will solve all the riddles and receive his well-deserved WisePoints! If you cope with the task easily, try other fantasy quizzes like Harry Potter quiz or Lord of the Rings trivia game, and get closer to the top of our weekly rating!

Awaken your inner child with these magnificent free Chronicles of Narnia questions online and recommend them to your friends who are just as big fans of Narnia as you are! Good luck!

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