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Fantasy literature is very diverse, and includes literally anything an author can imagine: from gods and mythological creatures to wizards and witches. Fantasy fiction is usually based on mythology and legends of different cultures. It is so attractive both for authors and for readers because it allows us to let our imagination run wild. Authors often create a completely new world that invites us in, make us never want to leave and has its own laws of physics (or even functions without them). Fantasy literature writers use lots of different storytelling elements to reinforce the narrative and to let readers take a wonderful journey to mystical places with book characters. Magic is always central to the fantasy genre, and that is why this literature category is so attractive for the dreamers from all over the globe! So, are you ready to break the boundaries of this world with our magic Fantasy quiz questions!

Who are elves? Who is the author of "The Golden Compass" trilogy? Which wizard said this famous phrase: “To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure”? So, you think you know the right answers? Well, test your skills against our sparkling Fantasy trivia quiz! Don’t forget that the use of a magic wand to find the right answers in the world of muggles will be considered cheating!

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