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Of course, you have seen a Batman or a Spider-Man movie. But what do you know about their originals, source materials, the comic books themselves? You will find it out with our almost unbeatable Comic Books trivia game! Created in response to the growing demand for entertainment of almost illiterate working class in Europe and America, comic books have become widespread in the middle of 19th century. First comic books were, in fact, illustrated jokes in newspapers. The genre became so popular that they were replaced by featuring non-humorous stories. Comics are often looked down upon as a juvenile literature genre, but the medium has spawned plenty of works and contributed many fan clubs, movies based on comic books, TV shows, games and more. We invite you to explore the fantastic world of comics with superhero Comic Books quiz !

If you know the answers to how much the most expensive comic book costs, who the most popular comic character ever is, or what Comic-Con is, then play our Comic Books trivia quiz to put your knowledge to the test! Use your brain superpower and you might be our next Comic Books quiz winner!

So will you be a “Homo Superior” or end up as sidekick? Tony Stark gave up after the 7th question; Bruce Banner went total Hulk after question 10. If you can tell Avengers from X-men, you could try other Literature quizzes from Fantasy trivia quiz to Detective stories quiz questions to test your literary knowledge to the full, or chose quiz category you prefer!

Answer free quiz questions online, pile up WisePoints, raise your weekly ratings and maybe you will be our next quiz hero!

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