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Jungle Book is known all over the world and is a favorite book of many generations of readers, both young and old. It’s a classical story of a boy named Mowgli who was brought up by wolves. Jungle Book wise and instructive quiz questions will cast a light upon the lessons taught in the book.
The book was published in 1894 and hasn’t lost its value and popularity since that time. Its pages will open to you a magic world of goodness, warmth and tenderness, the world where people and animals live side by side. Get acquainted with sleepy Baloo, cunning Bagheera, and hypnotizing Kaa. Check how well you know this book and its characters in Jungle Book free quiz questions. Comprehend its wisdom each time you read it. The Book was translated into many languages and in some cases the changes necessitated by adaptation were inevitable; e.g.: Russian translators changed the gender of Bagheera to female as this animal's name is feminine in the Russian language. Medicine is familiar with such a phenomenon as Mowgli children. According to one of the definitions these are children who grew up out of contact with human beings, had no experience in social behavior and communication. Although it’s impossible, the main character of the book began to live among wolves at the age of 1but learnt to speak a human language rather well. But the way, do you know that Mowgli is not a name, but a nickname that means “a young frog”? Easy quiz questions on Jungle Book will teach to read the book in the right way!

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