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“Books are our best friends, silent, but always supportive,” – Charles Eliott said. When we read a new book, we always discover something we didn’t know about the world around us, about people in this world, or about ourselves as a part of the world. The most exciting thing about books is that they offer readers an opportunity to immerse themselves into characters’ life, get through all difficulties with them, and, of course, to experience amazing adventures with the heroes of books! We made this Adventure Books quiz for all those who cannot imagine their life without reading something like “The Hunger Games” or “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, who are keen on marvelous stories about breathtaking dangers and brilliantly elegant ways out, lost civilizations and great investigations, who often stay up at night reading a captivating adventure novel!

Let’s jump to the world of high Adventure Books questions and answers! Whether you like stories about hidden treasures or specialize on novels about forgotten worlds, adventure stories are the genre of literature that stays with you for a lifetime. You will see questions that cover all things about adventures in literature from the main characters of books and their stories to the most famous authors. See how you deal with the Adventures quiz questions using nothing but your knowledge!

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