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Commonly abbreviated as IQ, Intelligence Quotient is an assessment of a person’s problem solving skills, spatial perception, memory, overall knowledge and experience and many other factors. There certainly are limits to one’s IQ based on inborn intelligence levels, but recent research proved that one can push those limits and increase one’s intelligence. Taking Zadavaka’s quizzes and IQ tests is one of the most efficient means of making this happen!

If you want to increase your intelligence, you can resort to one of the four basic methods. First of all, become an active member of society, involve with people, use social media, etc. In this way you will absorb lots of new information, process it and expand your mind. Pay attention to detail, try to gain insight into everyday situations and determine the cause-effect relationship. Listen to music while working to improve your concentration skills. Develop your critical thinking and ability to comprehend by reading books of various genres, including magazines and even technical manuals – it is an excellent way to expand your horizons! However, make sure that the reading is not too complicated, or it will get all the fun out of IQ development. Never stop learning, keep track of your progress. Set goals in front of you and achieve them one by one. Don’t stick to one activity for too long, though, or your brain won’t work as hard as it should. Play video games. Challenge your brain in various ways: try to master cryptology or do logic puzzles – Zadavaka has got plenty а them in his IQ tests!

All in all, puzzles and mind games are one of the best means of IQ development! Take Zadavaka’s quizzes to ensure stable and noticeable growth! You’ll never get bored (which is a very important aspect of IQ development, remember?), because our website offers the most versatile quizzes ever! So, it’s time to quiz your smarts and boost your IQ! Have fun and good luck!

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