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¿Hablas español? Do you speak Spanish? If not, there is nothing to get upset about! We are overjoyed at the opportunity to reveal to you the secrets of this melodious and beautiful language with our Spanish Language questions quiz! The Spanish language originated in Castile in the 9th century; now there are more than 470 million native speakers in the world! Our marvelous and free Spanish quiz will help you learn more about the history of Spanish – Old Spanish and Modern Spanish – and its dialects. Were you aware that there are two primary variations of Spanish known as Peninsular (European) Spanish and the Spanish of the Americas? Each variation encompasses a number of dialects, for example, the Andalusia or Castilian dialects for European Spanish and the Mexican or Cuban dialects for the Spanish of the Americas. The great variety of dialects presupposes differences and specific features in phonology, grammar and vocabulary.

Answering our interesting Spanish quiz questions you will get acquainted with the main features of these dialects. It is going to be a challenge for you mind but it will certainly boost your wisdom! We are sure that you will like our Spanish trivia quiz and it will inspire you to further expand your knowledge! Learn more about the geography of Europe with our tricky Europe question quiz and Cities trivia quiz! If you look for a good quiz to test your knowledge of history then don’t miss our interesting European question quiz!

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