We are coming up with a free quiz for the true Russian language lovers – try this absorbing Russian language question quiz!

It may surprising for you to learn that the Russian language is among the six official languages accepted by the United Nations, one of the three East Slavic Languages that are still spoken, and the seventh most spoken language in the world. This information alongside with many other interesting and astonishing facts can be found in our Russian language quiz, and we hope that’s going to be quite a challenge even for those who call themselves real experts in language field! Russian is very often believed one of the most difficult languages for learning, mostly due to its complicated grammar system, unpredictable stress, special pronunciation of hard and soft consonants, and some other reasons. But this is the language of many outstanding writers and poets, and there are multiple world famous works of literature created in Russian. Isn’t it a pleasure to read them in the original? Take this fascinating Russian language trivia game and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of Russian fairy tales, epics, and ballades!

Despite the fact that there are around 145 million of people for whom Russian is native, there are still lots of those who know almost nothing about this largest native European language. We offer you a chance to test your knowledge of Russian and to expand it answering these tricky Russian language questions! Guess the meanings of some words, word expressions and idioms; find out more about the most eminent Russian scholars, poets, and writers; enrich your mind with some incredible details concerning the Russian language. In case you’d like to take more engaging quizzes try this intriguing Greek language quiz or a challenging Abbreviations quiz, and be ready to have a great time!

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