Celebrate your mother language with our new International Mother Language Day quiz!

Not many people are aware of the existence of International Mother Language Day. Therefore, we’d like to offer you to read this short article devoted to the most impressive facts connected to languages of the world and to participate in a special International Mother Language Day quiz.

There is an unbelievably huge amount of languages in the world – almost 7,000 – but unfortunately, half of them may die out in the next 100 years. Every year wipes a couple of endangered languages off the map of the world; some regions - like Eastern Siberia or Northern Australia – have a greater number of such languages than any other part of the world. Hundreds of unique languages have already vanished during the past centuries due to various reasons – diseases, mass murders, or migration. Present distribution of languages in the world proves that soon there will be several dozens of wide-spread popular languages, while the languages of small tribes and other indigenous groups will be lost forever. Just read these facts and you will surely be shocked – there are 500 languages that are spoken by 100 or even fewer people; 96% of all languages are spoken by 4% of the population; every fortnight we lose one language. That’s why nowadays there are no minor languages, and the celebration of International Mother Language Day is aimed at preservation, and in some cases even salvation of critically endangered languages.

Certainly, there is good news too, and we still have numerous reasons to celebrate International Mother Language Day as a holiday which stresses the uniqueness of every single language. In Asia there are around 2,200 languages, with India and Papua New Guinea being the most linguistically diverse countries in the world (860 different languages are spoken in each of them). We can read the Bible in 2454 languages and we can find 37 official languages in Bolivia. Besides, a lot of artificial languages have been created – we can read works by J.R.R. Tolkien and find fantastic Elvish languages, Dwarvish language and a fictional Adunaic language in them. Even the Pope in his attempts to appeal to a greater audience sends messages via Twitter in 9 different languages.

All these facts give us hope that in their tendency to globalization countries and their leaders will not forget about the unique character of each separate language. At least there is one day that will always remind us of the fact that our language is the reflection of our mentality and we have to preserve and protect it. Now test your knowledge and try your strength in our International Mother Language Day quiz!

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