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Are you a person who already knows many languages, are thinking of the next foreign language to learn? These German quiz questions will help you to learn some interesting facts about this language.
Every language is the reflection of the worldview of its speakers. Hurry up to take easy quiz questions on German and jump on a unique opportunity to get acquainted with a new culture! Some people think that German is the official language only in Germany, but in fact the list of such countries is broader and includes Austria, Sweden and Liechtenstein as well. The German language is widespread – it is used by more than 1 hundred and 5 million native speakers. Moreover, for 80 million people it is a second language. There is statistical data showing that 7% of all Internet users are native speakers of the German language. It occupies the 10th place of the languages spoken in the world and the 5th one if we take Internet users into account too. It’s interesting to know that the most frequently used caressing word in German is “Schatz” which means “treasure”. Among other words are the following: “Hasi” (a small hare), “Hertzblatt” (a piece of heart) and even “Romeo”. Find out if your beloved knows them and use them to secretly show affection to each other in public.

Quiz questions on German are an outstanding source of information. Only here you will learn interesting phrases that Germans use every day. For example, if you want to say that a person shouldn’t poke his/her nose into other people’s business, just say “Das ist nicht dein Bier” (This beer is not yours), and the phrase “Du hast Schwein!” (You’ve got a pig) means that a person is rather fortunate. Surprising, isn’t it? Take our German Language quiz to learn more facts like that!

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