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The English language has a more than 1400 year-long history. We offer you the finest collection of free quiz question on the English language and the periods of its development, Old English, Middle English, Early Modern English, and Modern English! You will answer very curious and captivating quiz questions that touch upon different dialects, accents, and varieties of English. You will expand your knowledge of major native dialects of English being the British dialects and the dialects of North America and learn more about its less spread dialects such as Australian, New Zealand, South African or Caribbean English. Do you know the origin of the most commonly used words in English or since when English has been written in a Latin alphabet? Were you aware that the first words children learn in their early childhood are the Germanic words borrowed during the earliest period of the development of Old English? Take our marvelous English language trivia quiz to find the answers to these questions and learn new interesting information about your mother language!

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