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The Oxford English Dictionary defines the term abbreviation as a shortened form of a word or a phrase. Abbreviations have a very long history. Do you know that abbreviations in English have been widely used from its earliest days? There are a lot of examples of abbreviated words in “Beowulf”, the Old English epic poem. Nowadays, abbreviations, especially colloquial ones, are extremely widespread due to increasing popularity of modern means of communication. We got used to abbreviations like “Prof.” for Professor, “e.g.” for exempli gratia (for example), or “US” for the United States. However, there are thousands of abbreviations. We can abbreviate not only words but also phrases. Do you know what the colloquial abbreviations “asap”, “fyi”, “lol”, omg”, or “idk” mean? Test your knowledge of most commonly used abbreviations with our interesting Abbreviations question quiz!

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