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Since the earliest times people have tried to explain cultural phenomena and to understand why Culture and Arts are so inviting both to create and to perceive. We use Literature, arts, philosophy, and languages to understand and record the world around us and our own feelings, ideas and sensations. Moreover, we can recognize and interpret records of our ancestors to feel connected to people who lived before us, and hand down our experience to our offsprings. What are humanities nowadays? They include academic disciplines that study human nature from geography and History to visual and performing arts. Are you a true humanities scholar? Or are you just interested in academic disciplines that study human culture? In either case, you should totally our Humanities quiz to show off your knowledge!

Who wrote the classical literature marvel “Odyssey”? And how many comedies did the famous Italian poet Dante write? Can you name the most widely spread language? If you know the answers to these questions and many more facts on human culture, you’ve come to the right place to show how smart you are by storm through our Humanities trivia quiz!

We composed thousands of questions for you to check your knowledge on humanities. Take up the Languages challenge; try to answer Philosophy quiz questions , or play other sub-categories on your subject of interest, and see to what extent you are a humanitarian!

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