Salute the bravest in Veterans Day quiz!

November 11 is the day when America traditionally commemorates its war heroes. Although originally the holiday was created to honor only World War I participants today we recollect great warriors who served in the United States Armed Forces and defended the freedom and grace of the country in all wars. U.S. military veterans are undoubtedly great people who deserve all the praise given to them on this day and always, and we’ve prepared a special Veterans Day questions quiz for you to feel like a part of the holiday, too! This Veterans Day trivia quiz includes two types of questions – the first one devoted to the history of the holiday and the second one connected with the books that in this or that way touch upon this topic. Who do Veterans Day honor? When was Veterans Day renamed? What US President issued a message on the first Armistice Day? How many female veterans are there today? What is the correct spelling of the holiday that honors military veterans? Give more correct answers and become of Zadavaka’s brave and smart heroes, too!

We’re absolutely sure some of your friends are crazy about this topic, too, so don’t hesitate to invite them to play with you! Who came up with the idea to honor all veterans on November 11? What is the name of the grave in Arlington where an American soldier of unknown identity was buried? What war is described in "Cold Mountain" by Charles Frazier? In “A Farewell to Arms” by Ernest Hemingway, where does the action take place? Remember that the more right answers you give the closer to the title of the weekly winner you become! Try other stunning holiday quizzes like Labor Day quiz or Thanksgiving trivia quiz!

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