Treat yourself to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with Thanksgiving Meal quiz!

The great national holiday is coming and we start planning the celebration and ordering appetizing ingredients to make the feast truly gorgeous. But remember that there are dozens of wonderful and astonishing facts about Thanksgiving food you’ve never even heard about! You’ll be surprised to find out more about the lavish history of this remarkable holiday and learn real but shocking information about the origins of the celebration! What US state provides the most turkeys each year for Thanksgiving? How to check if cranberries for cranberry sauce are ripe? How many calories will you burn cooking Thanksgiving dinner? Who was the first President to pardon a turkey from being eaten at a Thanksgiving dinner? How much did the heaviest turkey on record weigh? Guess the right answers of this Thanksgiving Meal trivia quiz and win the title of the best weekly player!

We’re sure your friends and guests would like to participate in the celebration, too, so don’t hesitate to ask them join Zadavaka and try this awesome Thanksgiving Meal questions quiz together! What US state consumes the most turkey on Thanksgiving Day? What talk line is used to help home chefs on Thanksgiving Day? What turkeys say "gobble gobble"? How many Americans have eaten an entire Thanksgiving pie by themselves? Why does consumption of turkey meat result in drowsiness? Who of you will gain the lead of our weekly competition? Start now and find it out! Take other challenging holiday quizzes like Thanksgiving quiz or Christmas trivia quiz!

Share the joy of the coming holiday with us playing free online trivia quizzes, score more WisePoints for each correct answer that you give, earn special bonuses for each friend of yours who joins us, too, and fight for the title of the winner!

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