Celebrate the largest Volksfest in the world with Oktoberfest quiz!

Despite the speaking name of the holiday, Oktoberfest starts in the mid of September and gathers millions of people from all over the world. All of them have their own reasons to arrive at the festival – to feel its free spirit, to become a part of a huge friendly company, to understand Bavarian culture, or just to taste a unique Munich beverage enjoying warm German weather. Anyway, Oktoberfest is rightfully considered one of the greatest fests in the world, and we offer you to participate in our Oktoberfest questions quiz and broaden your knowledge about Bavarian cuisine and culture! How many breweries can produce special Oktoberfest beer? What is another name for Oktoberfestbier? At Oktoberfest, who is the first mug offered to? What are Oktoberfest one-liter glasses called? Give as many correct answers as possible, and win hundreds of our special points that will make you closer to the top of our ratings!

If your friends are just as big Oktoberfest fans as you are invite them to play our Oktoberfest trivia quiz, too! Check who of you can be called an Oktoberfest expert! When does Oktoberfest start? What is the average price of a liter of beer at Oktoberfest? On average, how many items are lost every Oktoberfest? At Oktoberfest, what is Schweinebraten? Dare to answer all the questions, and become our next winner! Try other compelling Holiday quizzes like Thanksgiving trivia quiz or Christmas quiz!

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