Pancakes, beads, masks and floats: treat yourself to our Mardi Gras quiz!

Congratulations on the Fat Tuesday and welcome to the Mardi Gras questions quiz we have prepared to celebrate the occasion!

Mardi Gras is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday that marks the beginning of Lent, so it’s sort of a farewell to all the fatty foods, festive drinks and other indulgences that people will give up for 40 days before Easter.

We have also prepared a few fun Mardi Gras facts for you to learn more about the day’s origins and traditions:

  • On January, 6, which is also known as the Twelfth Night (of Christmas), many countries enter the Carnival season which lasts for about a month and is concluded with the final celebratory parade on Fat Tuesday
  • Also known as “Pancake Day,” Mardi Gras is celebrated by people in the US and Canada, England and Ireland, Australia and New Zealand by eating pancakes and taking part in various pancake-themed activities
  • Mardi Gras’ official colors are gold, green and purple, symbolizing power, faith and justice respectively
  • Throughout the Carnival season people indulge in eating King’s cake (or three kings cake), which is traditionally colored gold, purple and green and has a trinket baby Jesus baked inside. The person who gets the trinket in his/her serving will get extra luck throughout the whole year
  • New Orleans is very famous for its Mardi Gras parades, the first of which took place in 1837. Floats became part of the parade 20 years later, in 1857
  • There is a tradition of wearing masks on Fat Tuesday. Originally, people hid their faces behind masks to forget about social constraints and spend the day with any crowd they wanted. Nowadays wearing masks on Mardi Gras is a law; well, at least in New Orleans, where it is illegal to ride on a float without a mask!
  • Santa was the first person to throw beads on Mardi Gras in the beginning of the 1900s. The association with flashing appeared many decades later.
  • Some states (e.g.: Alabama, Florida and part of Louisiana) have recognized Mardi Gras as an official holiday; but one of the biggest celebrations in the US takes place annually in Galveston, Texas, where Mardi Gras is not official.

So, if you can’t take part in a parade today, play our Mardi Gras quiz to feel the atmosphere of overindulgence and festivity!

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