Let’s honor the contributions of American workers to the prosperity of the country with our Labor Day quiz!

Traditionally celebrated on the first Monday of September, Labor Day marks the end of summer and the beginning of the school season. Americans take part in numerous BBQ parties enjoying the last sunny, warm, and dry days; or take trips to local parks, public gardens, or even nearby towns to delight in spending time outdoors on this great holiday. Our team offers you to delve into the history of the event, and learn more about the origin, the traditions, and other amazing facts associated with Labor Day holiday! What country besides the US celebrates Labor Day on the first Monday of September? How many U.S. states officially celebrated Labor Day by the time it became an official federal holiday in 1894? Which US President decided the first Monday of every September would be set aside to celebrate Labor Day? How many days a week did Americans work during the Industrial Revolution? Demonstrate your exceptional knowledge in our Labor Day questions quiz, and be ready to find out lots of astonishing facts!

Would you like to play our exciting game together with your friends? Then invite them to participate, too, and check who of you will fulfill the Labor Day challenge better! Where was the first US Labor Day celebrated? What act was passed in 1916 in the US to establish an eight-hour work day? How many workers were self-employed in the USA in 2015? What is the federal government mandated minimum wage in the USA? Do your best to give more correct answers, and prove you’re a truly savvy player! Take other fascinating quizzes like Thanksgiving trivia quiz or St. Patrick's Day quiz to have even more fun!

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