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Zadavaka thought that the savviest of his players, who get through every quiz they take with flying colors, may feel bored because nothing in his game is challenging enough for them. This is why he decided to add sophistication into his game by introducing a number of premium categories with limited access.

If you want to play this quiz, share the joy of getting wiser with people around – invite your friends into Zadavaka's game! In return, Zadavaka will give you access to premium categories with loads of most interesting and puzzling questions totally free of charge - just make sure you invite your friends and get them to answers a total of 100 questions first!

You can invite 1 friend and wait until he/she answers 100 questions or bring along a jolly crowd of 10 friends at once and get each of them answer as few as 10 questions, which is ten times as fast! The more friends you invite, the sooner you will start answering premium questions (and we know you are on tiptoes with eagerness to take a look at them!)

Enjoy the exclusivity of your new mind-broadening experience!

Please note that this only works for new friends - those who have never played Zadavaka's quizzes before. However, you shouldn’t think that you can no longer take your old wisdom pals into account! Compete with them in friendly competitions to raise your position in the rating and prove you are a real brainiac (or be ready to congratulate your friends on their success)!

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