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A big day for the nation and probably the most important event in a person’s life, Inauguration Day is held on January 20 and fills the hearts of most Americans with hope, belief and high expectations. Despite the fact it occurs every four years each time it comes as a day that can give us something new and endow us with optimism. Still, history knows lots of examples of strange, stupid and even embarrassing actions and events that took place on Inauguration Day. We offer you to dig deeper and brush up your knowledge of the inauguration history in our Inauguration Day trivia quiz! What happened during the inauguration of Andrew Johnson? Why did Rutherford B. Hayes secretly take the oath of office in the Red Room? What did Barack Obama have to do in 2009? What happened during the presidential inauguration of John F. Kennedy? Do the US Presidents have to swear in on a Bible? Remember that the more correct answers you give the bigger your chances to win special bonuses are!

Are there any friends of yours who’d like to join you and play our trivia quizzes? Don’t hesitate to invite them right now! Who of you can give more correct answers playing Inauguration Day questions quiz? What book did John Quincy Adams take the oath on? Who attended Abraham Lincoln's inauguration? What was so special about the inaugurations of Jimmy Carter and Thomas Jefferson? Who was the youngest inaugurated US President? Whose inauguration was so wild the police had to be called in? Play with Zadavaka and broaden your historical horizons! Try other US History quizzes like Presidential Election quiz or Presidents question quiz!

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