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It’s hard to believe but Halloween is actually more than 6,000 years old! The holiday is thought to have originated in Ireland and is closely connected with the Celtic festival of Samhain. Samhain marked the end of the summer season and of the harvest and the beginning of the long dark winter season frequently associated with death. Celts used to believe that on October 31 the dead came back to earth to damage crops and scare common villagers. In colonial New England the Halloween celebration was rather limited due to the protestant belief that was spread there. But in the 19th century America welcomed thousands of immigrants who helped to make the celebration of Halloween much more popular. Americans started to follow Irish traditions and eventually began to dress up in scary costumes and visit all the houses in the street asking for food and money. The tradition is now known as trick-or-treating, and there are dozens of other interesting facts about this nonconventional holiday! Read them thoroughly to give more correct answers to our tough Halloween questions!

  • The word “witch” originates from an Old English word “wicce” which means “wise woman”.
  • 50% of kids prefer chocolate candy for Halloween, and only 24% of them like to eat non-chocolate ones.
  • Black and orange colors are the colors that are typically associated with Halloween. Orange color symbolizes strength, endurance, and harvest time, while black color stands as a symbol of dark and death.
  • In China people celebrate a Halloween-related holiday, too. It’s called Teng Chieh and means “Lantern Festival”.
  • The biggest Halloween parade in the world is held in New York City and is called New York's Village Halloween Parade.
  • The most Jack O'Lanterns were lit at once in Boston, Massachusetts. The city saw amazing 30,128 Jack O'Lanterns in one place!
  • 86% of all Americans decorate their houses every year for Halloween.
  • Salem, Massachusetts, and Anoka, Minnesota proclaimed themselves as Halloween capitals of the world.
  • The fear of Halloween is called Samhainophobia, while the fear of ghosts is called phasmophobia.
  • An average American spent $74.34 in 2015 on costumes, candy, and decor.

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