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Being the commemoration of the resurrection of Christ, Easter is the most important Christian holiday. It is celebrated with a great joy by millions of people around the world. However, every people and every country have their peculiar Easter-time customs and legends. Would you like to know more about Easter traditions of the world? What country did the art of painting eggs with wax and dyes originate in? What does the giving of eggs symbolize in many countries? Zadavaka has hidden Easter tidbits like colored Easter eggs here and there in his latest Easter quiz!

What event of Christ's life does Easter celebrate? Which US president started the tradition of the Easter Egg Roll in the White House? What is one of the most popular Easter-time activities in Norway? What do Czech men spank their women with on Easter Monday? What do the participants of the Spanish Easter-time "dansa de la mort" reenact? What do Brazilians make dolls representing Judas from? How do locals celebrate the Good Friday in Bermuda? What do Germans do with their Easter eggs? What is the fun Easter tradition in Poland? What giant Easter treat is cooked in Haux, France? What do people in Corfu, Greece do on the morning of Holy Saturday? What flower is a special Easter flower? What is the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy in the US? What are the famous jewel-encrusted Easter eggs called? Which country did the idea of Easter Bunny originate in? Find answers to these questions and more fun details in Zadavaka’s Easter quiz!

Collect WisePoints like Easter eggs and fill your basket! Start the Easter trivia fact hunt you have been looking forward to and have lots of fun!

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