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It’s hard to imagine a more family-like and cozy holiday than Christmas. But taking it for granted have you ever suspected how many things we don’t know about it? We suggest you 5 facts about Christmas that are not so indisputable as they seem to be. Read them and play our intriguing Christmas Record Breakers trivia quiz!

  • There were three wise men paying homage to baby Christ. Actually, we have no evidence that there were three of them. E.g. Matthew's Gospel mentions them just as “wise men”, and since there is no precise data you can suggest your own number of wise men.
  • True Christmas is white. As Christmas movies show – that’s obligatory. But it was calculated that the chances to have a White Christmas are, unfortunately, extremely low. On average, only 31% of the US territory is covered with at least one inch of snow on Christmas.
  • Jesus was born on December 25. With high probability – he was not. According to theologians’ testimonies he was probably born in September. Really, there would not be any chances for a white Christmas.
  • Jingle Bells is a Christmas song. “Doubtless!”– You are going to exclaim. “It’s a widely known holiday song!” Yes, but a holiday is slightly different. Originally it was written for Thanksgiving and had the name “One Horse Open Sleigh”.
  • Santa exists. Here you can be absolutely sure – Santa is real and, perhaps, this year he will visit you. Why hasn't he done that before? It’s very simple to explain. In order to deliver all the world's presents he must fly at speeds 650 miles a second. Are you seriously of such a good opinion about deer?

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