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Although the Western countries traditionally celebrate New Year on January 1, in China this day falls between January 21 and February 20. It’s different from New Year as we know it not only because of the date, there are in fact many peculiarities that make the holiday an absolutely authentic celebration. Red lanterns and envelopes, fake monsters, tons of fireworks and heaps of other things turn Chinese New Year into an unforgettable feast. We offer our players to put their holiday knowledge to test and try this festive Chinese New Year trivia quiz! How many Mainland Chinese travel long distances for Chinese New Year? Why do mainland Chinese launch fireworks on Chinese New Year? What is the 16th day after Chinese New Year called? What does the phrase Xinnian Kuaile mean in Chinese? What is considered good luck on Chinese New Year? How many correct answers can you give? Start right away and find out!

Are there any Chinese experts among your friends? Then invite them to play Chinese New Year quiz together for more fun! In China, what do younger family members traditionally receive from older relatives on New Year? How many years has Chinese New Year been celebrated for? Do children go to school during Chinese New Year in China? What cycle does the Chinese calendar run on? What is Nian Gow? Zadavaka believes answering these questions is as easy as shelling peas for you! Want more challenging tasks? Try other quizzes like Asia quiz or New Year trivia quiz!

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