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War is known as the state of armed conflict between two or more peoples, nations or countries. A special set of tools, techniques and tactics is applied to ensure the best results in the sphere of warfare, be it active armed actions or preventive measures. But from the human point of view, war is the greatest natural disaster of all, leaving people homeless, orphaned and devastated.
There is an astonishing fact that since 1945 there have been only 26 totally peaceful days on the whole planet. But if we try to watch some news on TV we will see that this information is not a surprise – there are countries that are constantly at war, giving no chance of peace to their citizens. Civil wars have become routine for the modern society, and sometimes bring even more devastation and grief than a common enemy. War history helps us learn from our own mistakes, and this Wars questions quiz offers you an opportunity to test your knowledge in this field and to find out more about the most significant battles, military leaders, war heroes and crucial consequences of the past and ongoing armed conflicts. Learn from the mistakes of your predecessors by taking this engrossing Wars quiz and encourage your friends to join us!

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