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Our world and our society have often been strikingly unfair to large numbers of people, which in its turn happened to lead to fierce mass revolutions. In this Revolutions quiz we have gathered lots of intriguing and shocking facts about the most important and crucial of them. French Revolution of the 18th century that overthrew the monarchy, October Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, American Revolution that led to the foundation of the USA – these events claimed the lives of thousands of people and changed the lives of millions. It’s still a debatable issue whether a revolution can be considered a positive thing that facilitates further development of the country or a negative one that is able to thwart its progress. But they are definitely highly significant events that can raise many questions, and some of these questions are reflected in this absorbing Revolutions trivia quiz!

We believe you take a genuine interest in history of the world, that’s why we have chosen the most interesting information and made up the most challenging Revolutions questions for you to never get bored! Match the dates and the events, guess the names of revolutionary leaders, find the causes and effects of some paramount decisions, and be ready to learn much more about the history and heroes of world revolutions than you used to know before! In case you wish to display your erudition in other fields of history, take our engrossing Historical Figures quiz or US history quiz, prepared for the true specialists in the World history!

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